Sunday, September 26, 2010

Slim pickings

Slim pickings, its an honor to finally greet you

lost among the fallen plumage pawned as new age gold

the gates fold but never open

the page was locked shut

the frame of mind was over-adorned with knots and spirals

all hail the idle!

half-asleep, ears closed!

where the fear flows
lapping at the waists of moon burned children.
(can't you)

hide your flesh from the night-callers’s lucid eyes

shoulder the burdens of the euthanized who scrutinize

the living for not giving enough?

insisting on plush

when the rough would’ve suited?

tailor-made for the favored spade’s favorite hijinks-

goodbye jinx, hello hex, run along curse
we’ll talk after a spell; 

read, repeat just make sure you’re well versed.

Swell season for ideas to impregnate

fallen from trees to spring forward when the bell’s late.

wait, wait, wait

was that you ringing
back to the artifice of egg-shell swimming.

take care tinning, but let’s skip over hyperbole

since none want the sum of the shedding fleece and suture.

lips stitched shut

but the teeth still clatter

grinding though the cheeks blood seeps though the fabric

let it dry let it grow brittle till it snaps

just make sure nobody is listening when it happens. 

Inspired by whim and shrug, two good friends who, once lost, have now gone all biblical allegory on me.

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